Throne of Sand

Stephanie Owens Lurie at Disney/Rick Riordan Presents has bought world English rights to J.C. Cervantes‘s Throne of Sand, first in a middle grade duology in which Ren Santiago, a shadow bruja, discovers that some rogue godborns have joined forces to make themselves into gods, and she must unite with her friends to defeat them in a time race as they search for a lost key that unlocks the legendary Aztec land of Aztlan. Publication will begin in 2021; Holly Root at Root Literary negotiated the two-book deal.

Quiz – Which Maya god are you most like?

In The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes, Zane Obispo is sick of being called names because of his limp: Sir Limps a Lot…McGimpster…Uno (you know, for his one good leg). What he doesn’t know, though, is that this “hindrance” is actually a sign of something amazing—and something much bigger than him..

Soon enough, Zane finds himself thrust into an adventurous world full of demons, giants and Maya gods. In the midst of all the madness, he must figure out where he fits in—and what it really means to be a Storm Runner.

Letting the Ghosts In by J.C. Cervantes

I know a thing or two about ghosts.

You might have another name for them, but in my family, they are the incessant whispers, the inspiration that strikes, the gut feeling telling us to go right or left, the muse that smiles over our shoulders and points us to the creative well. They are also the voices of doubt and fear. I haven’t always welcomed the latter ghosts.

And I didn’t like much of what they had to say after my first book sold. Things were easy that first go around. So easy that I actually thought that once you got published you always got published.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

An Interview with J.C. Cervantes

The Storm Runner, which releases tomorrow, is the first book inspired by Latinx culture under the new Disney imprint Rick Riordan Presents. As in Rick Riordan’s many other series, it features a pre-teen who gets pulled into adventures with various gods and mythological creatures. I was able to talk to J.C. Cervantes about her process writing the book and what it’s like to be part of the Rick Riordan Presents team.

My Writing And Reading Life

J.C. CERVANTES is the author of Tortilla Sun, which was called “a beautiful and engaging debut” by Kirkus, an “imaginative, yet grounded novel” by Publishers Weekly, and “lean and lightly spiced with evocative metaphor” by School Library JournalTortilla Sun was a 2010 New Voices pick by the American Booksellers Association and it was named to Bank Street’s 2011 Best Book List.

Great Big Beautiful Podcast

Episode 208: J.C. CERVANTES. This week, we’re entering the world of myth. The mythological world of the Maya gods, to be exact. J.C. Cervantes is the author of The Storm Runner, which is one of the debut titles in the Rick Riordan Presents imprint of books that explore the world’s mythologies.

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